I guess the Pregnancy Glow Comes after the Acne?

I guess the Pregnancy Glow Comes after the Acne?

I was told there would be healthy shiny hair that grows fast, strong fingernails and that mom-to-be pregnancy glow but honestly my hair doesn’t seem to be growing that much faster, my fingernails might be a little bit stronger than they were before and that glow has manifested itself in the form of zits!

Seriously, my little Froggy (that’s our baby in the womb name….because he kicks the crap out of me) has given me pregnancy acne- not just on my face but on my shoulders, back and chest.

My skin is naturally sensitive but during pregnancy I’ve reached a whole new level of  sensitivity and I’ve also got a growing baby to protect.

If you have read any of our beauty or health and wellness posts then you know that cutting out as many chemicals from our daily lives as possible is a big priority for us.  This especially includes those found in skin and haircare products. Which is why I use one of the most natural remedies I could find…LEMON JUICE!

I started treating my acne with lemon juice twice a day and I was seeing results within a week.  I just squeeze half a lemon into a lidded container (for multiple uses) and store it in the fridge. Every morning and night I take a cotton ball and dabb the lemon juice directly on my acne after washing my skin clean.

It dries out the zits but not my skin and it smells fresh…just don’t get it in your eyes!


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