Dairy Free, Gluten Free Muffins That Actually Taste as Good as They Look

Dairy Free, Gluten Free Muffins That Actually Taste as Good as They Look

Lets be real, gluten free ingredients come at a premium and gluten free baking takes a lot of time, effort and money, especially with the whole trial and error thing.  Luckily, making perfect gluten free muffins is a lot easier than you think. Considering I am probably the laziest gluten free baker there is, you know I’m telling the truth. There is no shame in my game, I want all the glory and none of the pain. Which is why I’ve learned how to make the most perfect golden brown, moist, chocolatey and delicious gluten free muffins with minimal effort and a few good tricks!

The premium cost of gluten free ingredients plus my humble household budget means that ROI plays a huge factor in food planning and preparation. Thankfully King Arthur Flour has really perfected the gluten free boxed muffin mix!

I firmly believe the occasional gluten free boxed mix never hurt anybody, especially when the results are this good. That and I’d have to take out a second mortgage on my house if I started baking from scratch on the regular.  Oh yea, before I forget, this is a product review/recommendation but not a sponsored post!

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How to Get Perfect Gluten Free Muffins Every Time

I won’t drag this out any further than necessary but King Arthur’s gluten free muffin mix is only the first step to get dairy free, gluten free muffins that actually taste as good as they look. The trick is to switch out a few key ingredients while still following the instructions on the box. Seriously, this is so simple you may wonder why you didn’t think of it yourself. Here it is:

  1. Make this recipe dairy free by substituting coconut milk or almond for regular milk. I always use unsweetened versions of both and I’ve even tried organic vanilla unsweetened almond milk and it works just as well.
  2. Make this recipe extra moist and delicious by substituting coconut oil for butter with a 1:1 ratio.

Seriously you guys, its that simple. Enjoy your next perfect batch of gluten free muffins!







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