DIY Christmas Decorations: Rustic Chic Glitter Arrows

DIY Christmas Decorations: Rustic Chic Glitter Arrows

This Holiday Season I was hell-bent on giving my tree a boho vibe, unfortunately my collection of ornaments and decorations from past Christmas’s were more on the eclectic side than the boho side. I wasn’t going to buy all new ornaments so I settled for a quick DIY Christmas ornament project to give my Christmas tree just a touch of that earthy wanderlust boho vibe with some rustic chic glitter arrows!

After scouring Pinterest, I came across these great arrow ornaments from WestElm. I thought maybe I’d scratch the DIY project and just shell out some dough and make my hectic Holiday schedule a  little less crazy, but unfortunately the arrows (shown below) were part of that Cody Foster Scandal and were no longer available : (

DIY Christmas Ornaments

I love authenticity as much as West Elm, so I resorted back to my original DIY Plan!


Here is what I used:

  • 1 pack wooden dowels (the thinnest ones I could find at Michaels)
  • hot glue gun
  • duck feathers (also from Michaels)
  • white and black spray paint
  • metallic sharpie markers (Copper, Gold & Silver)
  • blue painters tape
  • 2 Glitter Foam Sheets in Copper and Silver (sticky back if you can find it!)
  • twine

Step 1: Trim the wooden dowels down to 6 inches in length

Step 2: Spray paint the wooden dowels white

DIY Rustic Chic Arrow Ornaments

Step 3: Use blue painter’s tape to create a striped design on the dowels.  Whatever remains exposed will be  spray painted black.

Step 4: I noticed that the black spray paint bleed through the tape in some spots. To cover up the messy spots I used the metallic sharpies. This had the extra bonus of adding more interest to the shaft of the arrows.

DIY Project Christmas

Step 5: I drew a stencil for the arrow head and traced it on the backside of the foam. You need two sides for each arrowhead. Place the end of the arrow shaft so that 1/4 inch is between the front and back arrow head and secure. If you can’t get your hands on the Glitter foam with adhesive backing, the glue gun works like a charm.

Step 6: Cut the duck feathers to make the fletching (fancy word for feathers at the back end of the arrow) for each arrow.  This may take some finagling! I mad mine about 1.5 inches long and I only attached the feathers to one side of the arrow using my hot glue gun.

Gluten Free Creative Living

Step 7: Now we attach the twine so that the arrows can be hung on the tree, garland or anywhere else you like. I made a total of 12 arrows so I cut 12 pieces of twine, each about 6 inches in length. I held both ends of each piece of twine together to create a loop and  then secured a loop on the end of each arrow (same end as the feather but the opposite side).

Let the glue dry and you are done! Below is a side by side comparison of the bootleg Cody Foster Arrows and my beautiful rustic chic boho arrows. Not too shabby!

DIY project Christmas


Happy DIY-ing Wild Things!


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