If You Buy Only One Thing This Spring, It should be these

If You Buy Only One Thing This Spring, It should be these

There are very few flats in this world that I would bother spending money on. But I came across these strappy ballet flats by Jessica Simpson and I was immediately compelled to try them on. Well, more like try two pairs on in different colors….consider it multi-tasking.

If I had to choose between heels and flats, 9 times out of 10, I would choose heels. In fact, in the few times I’ve worn flats I found them to be unsupportive torture chambers for me feet. They pinch my toes, rub my heels and cause general pain and discomfort.

But these strappy ballet flats turned out to be relatively comfortable and affordable. The hard part was deciding what color to get. The store was carrying them in nude and that awesome indigo and white geometric design.

In the end, I went neutral, to maximize my outfit options.  I’ve worn them with jeans, leggings and a few flowy spring dresses, and of course, band-aids on my heels to stop the rubbing. I’m sure they will break-in soon.


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