Avoid These 4 Common Gluten Free Mistakes

Avoid These 4 Common Gluten Free Mistakes

I’ve been living a gluten free lifestyle for over 10 years and while it does get easier over time it will always take discipline, planning and due diligence. Throughout my journey I’ve made all sorts of mistakes and I’m so happy to have a platform to be able to share the lessons I’ve learned along the way. Let my experiences help you avoid these common mistakes made by those that are learning to live gluten free.

  1. Getting lazy and letting your guard down. Unfortunately you must be vigilant in reading labels, planning ahead and educating yourself.
  2. Not asking questions when dining out because you don’t want to seem high maintenance. This is your life and health we are talking about, you have every right to be as high maintenance as you choose.
  3. Not putting in the time and research to learn about your diagnosis and how to live with it. Unfortunately there is no quick fix, no cure all medication that can make your life any easier. But, when armed with a little knowledge, your life will get a lot easier. Like learning where gluten may be hiding.
  4. Giving Up. If you are active follower of my blog then you may already know that I was diagnosed with Celiac at the age of 19 while in college.  Needless to say Gluten Free was not a meal option at the dining hall and there were not nearly as many gluten free restaurants, brands and products or resources available as there are today. Much of what I learned was through my own personal research, trial and error and discussions with my doctor but I persevered and learned a lot because of it. Don’t give up, reach out for help and you will find it!

I am always looking for ways to contribute to the gluten free community and make other people’s lives easier with all the things I have learned. If this info helps even one person then I’ve done my job!


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