The Blog:

In a nutshell, Box of Wild Things is all about gluten free living with style.

I started the blog because I know there are others out there who share my passion for healthy habits, want to make conscious decisions about what goes in and on their bodies and who exude personal style in everything they do -all while living a gluten free life.

My interests span everything from health, wellness, and fitness to gluten free cooking and eating, reading, home decor, fashion, travel and everything in between. I hope you enjoy reading my posts as I explore all of these things and share my journey with you.

My Promise:

I promise to provide honest, useful and relevant content. I won’t attach my name to anything that I wouldn’t use, eat or wear myself. Any tips & techniques I post will be tried and tested by yours truly. All recipes will be made by my hands and taste-tested by me. Sometimes I may include affiliate links in my content. I only feature products and services that I feel my readers will appreciate and that fit within their own lifestyles. All opinions are 100% mine.