A Little DIY Decor for Valentine’s Day

A Little DIY Decor for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has never really been a big deal to me. In fact my ideal Valentine’s Day involves comfy lounge wear, my sectional sofa and a good old fashion Netflix binge. I do ♥ a good DIY project though!

If you regularly read my blog than you would know that my husband and I have a new special someone in our lives, our son! So this year I wanted to do something to make the day a little special for my forever Valentines. What better way than making some sweet Valentine’s Day decorations?! I think this cute heart bunting did just the trick!

diy holiday decor

With a very active 6 month at home I had to keep it quick and easy. All you need to make this fun and flirty diy Valentine’s Day bunting is a heart shaped cookie cutter, white modeling clay, some colored pencils and 4-6 feet of twine or strong.

First grab about two or three fists of clay and roll out it about 1/4 inch think on a flat surface. I found that one of those silicon baking sheets worked really well! Next take your heart shaped cookie cutter and go to town…I made about 6 hearts total.

Carefully remove the hearts from the left over clay and lay them out on another clean flat surface (this is where they will rest as they dry over night). Now take one of your colored pencils (sharp point preferably) and poke two holes about a half an inch apart where the top of the heart comes to a point.

Again, let your hearts dry for a full 24 hours. Once the model clay is set you can decorate them with your colored pencils. I used a red pencil to make some simple and sweet designs.

diy holiday decor

Now all that’s left to do is to string ’em and hang them up for you and your someone special to enjoy. Happy Valentine’s Day!






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