5 Ways to Improve Your Self Control When it Comes to Food

5 Ways to Improve Your Self Control When it Comes to Food

This piece isn’t just for glutards, it’s for anyone that has ever struggled with self control when it comes to food.  Pizza is and always will be one of my greatest vices which is why I ate an entire gluten free frozen pizza for dinner last night. But, instead of beating myself up I just pretend Ryan Gosling is giving me a little pep-talk. Something like “Hey girl, I love the way that pizza grease shines off your chin.”

It may not be prolific but my pizza binge reminds me that no one is perfect, especially not me. We are all human and we all mess up occasionally. Luckily self improvement is something that we can all work on everyday even in small ways. That’s why I decided to share five tips I live by to help get a handle on my self control.

  1. Moderation not Deprivation. As someone with Celiac, believe me, I know all about feeling deprived. For one, I can never eat glutenous foods again, and two there are still unhealthy sweets and treats that I can eat and do crave. I’ve learned that total deprivation of my favorite not-so-good for me foods is hard to maintain for prolonged periods and usually ends up in binge eating. Ultimately, giving into your cravings isn’t necessarily a bad thing, so long as you don’t over do it.
  2. Leave Yourself Wanting More. As in I should have only had 2 slices of pizza instead of all 8. This idea boils down to portion control, which is something that can be practiced with more than just food. Like reading a good book or watching a good Netflix show. The need for immediate gratification is a hard thing to overcome but by pacing yourself you learn to take stock of the current moment and truly appreciate its value why also prolonging the joy it may bring you i.e. eating pizza for breakfast the next morning!
  3. Avoid Triggers. In other words avoid bringing not-so-healthy foods into your home. If your trigger foods aren’t around to tempt you the better chance you have of not over-indulging as in my case. When it comes to pizza, this is one lesson I just can’t seem to learn!
  4. Deciphering Between Hunger & Boredom.  Sometimes when I am bored I catch myself walking into the kitchen and opening the pantry or fridge to check on the snack situation. No just once, I will do it over and over until I pull something out that I really didn’t even want in the first place. When this happens, I remind myself of a good quote I once read: “If you aren’t hungry enough to eat an apple, then you aren’t hungry, you’re just bored.” That’s all I need to either eat an apple, or high-tail it out of the kitchen and do something to move my ass instead of growing it.
  5. In order to eat less you need to eat more. It sounds counterintuitive but let me explain. Food is fuel and when you skip or miss a meal your blood sugar takes a major nose dive. For me it doesn’t stop there, I get light headed, shortness of breath, and completely space out. As soon as I’m around food I’m totally more likely to pig out and shovel the nearest edible whatever in my mouth. Not a good look! Whatever the reason for skipping or missing a meal, it will end with low energy, low brain function, binge eating and generally feeling like crap. Try starting the day with a filling and healthy protein packed breakfast. Get my favorite gluten free breakfast recipe here.  Avoid binge eating by keeping your body fueled throughout the day with healthy snacks in between meals. Try a handful of nuts, a piece of fruit, or mixed veggies with hummus. Chances are, by the end of the day you will have consumed less calories but still feel satisfied.

“Hey Girl, you should love yourself as much as I love you.”

-Ryan Gosling

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